6inch AC DC solar pump
6inch AC DC solar pump

6inch AC/DC Solar Submersible Pumps

This solar-powered stainless steel impeller submersible pump is our highest-flow product designed to meet the needs of applications with high water demands. Its outstanding performance sets it apart in the market, with a wide power range from 5.5 kW to 22 kW and an impressive maximum flow rate ranging from 36 cubic meters per hour to an astounding 130 cubic meters per hour.

The design of this submersible pump has been meticulously optimized, utilizing stainless steel materials to ensure durability and reliability. Its maximum head range is extensive, ranging from 60 meters to 270 meters, providing flexibility for a variety of different applications. Whether used for agricultural irrigation, urban water supply, industrial purposes, or other water resource management needs, this solar-powered stainless steel impeller submersible pump is up to the task.




Solar Surface Pump System working procedure


Solar Panels: Convert sunlight into electricity to power the system.

Solar Inverter control system: Manages and directs solar-generated electricity to the pump.

Solar Water Pump: Uses stored energy to pump water from sources.


How to Choose a Pump

How to Choose a Solar Submersible Pump:

1. Where is the water source?
A. Well B. Pond C. River D. Stream

2. What is the water depth? (meters, feet)

3. What is the static water level? (meters, feet)

4. What is the distance from the water source to the point of use? (meters, feet)

5. What is the Height from the water source to the point of use? (meters, feet)

6. How much water is needed for irrigation per day? (liters/day)

6 inch AC/DC Solar Submersible Pump

Solar panels:High-Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Stainless Steel Impeller Pump:6inch

AC/DC auto-switching controller



6inch AC/DC Stainless Steel Impeller Pump Parameters

ModelVoltageOptimum input voltage(DC)Input
Solar Panels
6HSC36-98-380/550-5500-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V5500W36 m³/h98m3″550W*13
6HSC36-135-380/550-7500-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V7500W36 m³/h135m3″550W*18
6HSC36-175-380/550-9200-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V9200W36 m³/h175m3″550W*22
6HSC36-21-380/550-11000-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V11000W36 m³/h210m3″550W*26
6HSC36-270-380/550-15000-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V15000W36 m³/h270m3″330W*44
6HSC70-60-380/550-5500-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V5500W70 m³/h60m4″550W*13
6HSC70-80-380/550-7500-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V7500W70 m³/h80m4″550W*18
6HSC70-100-380/550-9200-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V9200W70 m³/h100m4″550W*22
6HSC70-120-380/550-11000-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V11000W70 m³/h120m4″550W*26
6HSC70-160-380/550-15000-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V15000W70 m³/h160m4″550W*36
6HSC95-66-380/550-7500-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V7500W95 m³/h66m4″550W*18
6HSC95-88-380/550-11000-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V11000W95 m³/h88m4″550W*26
6HSC95-110-380/550-15000-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V15000W95 m³/h110m4″550W*36
6HSC130-60-380/550-15000-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V15000W130 m³/h60m4″550W*36

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ModelVoltageOptimum input voltage(DC)Input
Solar Panels
4/6HSC36-56-380/550-3000-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V3000W36 m³/h56m3″330W*15
4/6HSC36-75-380/550-4000-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V4000W36 m³/h75m3″330W*15
4/6HSC36-98-380/550-5500-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V5500W36 m³/h98m3″550W*13
4/6HSC36-135-380/550-7500-A/DAC380/DC550V520V-650V7500W36 m³/h135m3″550W*18

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