HQB surface pump
ac dc HQB surface pump
HQB surface pump
ac dc HQB surface pump

Solar Surface Pumps-HQB Series

Solar surface water pumps mainly use solar energy to pump water from rivers, lakes, and ponds. Usually used in irrigation, pressurization, and other application scenarios. It is the most attractive way of supplying water in sunny regions of the world today, especially in remote areas where electricity is scarce.



Solar Surface Pump System working procedure


Solar Panels: Convert sunlight into electricity to power the system.

Solar Inverter control system: Manages and directs solar-generated electricity to the pump.

Solar Water Pump: Uses stored energy to pump water from sources.

Solar Surface Pumps Types

                                                DC Solar Surface Pump

                                                   AC/DC Solar Surface Pump

How to Choose a Pump

How to choose a solar Surface water pump:

1. Where is the water to be extracted from?
a. Well b. Pond c. River d. Stream

2. What is the vertical distance from the ground to the water surface?

3. What is the distance between the water source and the point of use or water tank?

4. How much water is required for daily irrigation (liters/day)?

AC/DC Solar Surface Pumps

Solar panels:High-Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Panel

      Pump:Brushless Surface Solar Pump

                               DC Controller

              AC/DC auto-Switching Controller


DC and AC/DC Solar Surface Pumps Parameters

AC/DC Brushless Surface Solar Pump-HQB Series
ModelVoltageOptimum input voltage(DC)Input
Solar Panels
HQB2-25-24-21024V30V-48V210W2 m³/h25m1×1″280W
HQB2-30-24-28024V30V-48V280W2 m³/h30m1×1″370W
HQB3-50-48-55048V60V-90V550W3 m³/h50m1×1″350W*2
HQB3-65-72-75072V90V-120V750W3 m³/h65m1×1″500W*2
HQB3-65-72-750-A/D85V-280V80V-430V750W3 m³/h65m1×1″500W*2

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