solar inverter
solar inverter

Solar system inverter

Convert the direct current (DC) generated by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) suitable for pumps, irrigation systems, and other devices. Additionally, solar inverters can adjust the output current and voltage to ensure they match the load requirements of the irrigation equipment, ensuring the stable operation of the system. This ensures that solar energy can be effectively used for solar irrigation systems, providing the required reliable power supply.

Product Parameter

System Energy:10KW
Input Voltage:230VAC
Output Voltage:220-240VAC
Output Frequency:50Hz/60Hz
Warranty:1 years
Product name:Low-Frequency Solar Inverter
Waveform:Pure Sine Ware/Same as input
WIFI port:optional
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage:145VDC
Normal Output Voltage RMS:110/115/120VAC
Controller type:MPPT 80A
Max Solar Charge Current:20A-60A
Communication:Support USB
Application:Off-grid System


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