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Harvest Solar Irrigation System Helps People Get a Great Food Harvest

    Harvest is a solar agricultural irrigation company founded in 2023 and headquartered in Tangkeng community, Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China.As a company specializing in solar agricultural irrigation solutions, Harvest is committed to providing sustainable and efficient solar irrigation systems for the agricultural sector.

    With the growth of global population and the impact of climate change, agriculture is facing increasing challenges. Against this backdrop, Harvest believes that solar irrigation technology is ideal for solving the problem of agricultural water demand. Their team of professionals has developed innovative solar-powered agricultural irrigation systems that help farmers achieve efficient, energy-saving irrigation operations by maximizing the use of solar energy resources.

    Harvest’s solar-powered irrigation systems utilize advanced solar photovoltaic panels and highly efficient water pumping technology that is capable of converting solar energy into electricity and applying it to irrigation equipment. Such a system not only reduces farmers’ energy costs, but also reduces reliance on the traditional power grid, thus realizing a sustainable irrigation process. In addition, in order to improve the intelligence and automation of the system, Harvest also adopts advanced sensors and control technology, which is able to monitor parameters such as soil moisture and climate conditions in real time, and automatically adjust the amount and frequency of irrigation according to the need to ensure that the crop receives the right amount of water supply.

    In addition to technological innovation, Harvest also focuses on providing all-round solutions and quality services. Their professional team will carry out on-site surveys and system design, and customize the best solar agricultural irrigation solutions according to customers’ needs and the actual conditions of the farmland. In addition, Harvest provides a series of services such as equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance to ensure the normal operation and efficient performance of the system.

    As a young and dynamic company, Harvest is committed to promoting the development and application of solar agricultural irrigation technology to help sustainable agriculture and promote food security. With their core values of innovation, quality and reliability, they continue to improve their technology and service quality to provide better agricultural irrigation solutions for farmers.

Factory strength


    The company attaches great importance to management innovation, and its products have passed authoritative testing and certification at home and abroad, such as CE, ROHS, 3C, CQC, CB, BIS, UN38.3, MSDS, SGS, etc. The company has applied for 68 patents and possesses independent intellectual property rights and core technologies.

    Adhering to the “Go Out policy”, the company has established long-term cooperative relationships with customers in the Middle East, Europe, the United States and other countries and regions. The Solar agricultural irrigation systems is widely used in remote mountainous areas and power deficient areas. Its products are characterized by long life, safety and reliability, and high cost performance, and are widely recognized by users.

    In the new era, the company adheres to the corporate spirit of “perfection and transcendence”, empowers each other with innovative genes from upstream, downstream, and surrounding areas, and is committed to creating high-end Solar agricultural irrigation solutions. The company innovates and develops new Solar agricultural irrigation application products, making positive contributions to the global energy conservation and emission reduction cause!

Through convenient outdoor energy storage solutions, it helps people in off-grid remote areas to also have access to a stable source of hydropower, boosting agricultural yields and improving the quality of life.

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