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Solar Water Pumping for Sustainable Water Supply

According to the World Bank, millions of people around the world are facing limited access to water. In many communities, groundwater is extracted using electric water pumps that rely on diesel for operation. However, these systems not only entail costly, regular servicing and the purchase of fuel but also release carbon dioxide, polluting the atmosphere.

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550W Solar panels

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic panels or solar cells, are devices used to convert solar energy into electricity. They are a core component of solar power systems and are commonly found on rooftops, solar farms, solar power plants, and in portable solar devices.

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Harvest Celebrates World Food Day: Advancing Sustainable Agriculture with Solar Water Pump Technology

October 16, 2023 Today marks the 43rd World Food Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about global food security and sustainable agriculture. On this special occasion, our company, Harvest, with its innovative solar water pump technology, is committed to improving global agricultural sustainability, providing more opportunities for farmers while helping alleviate global hunger issues.

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6inch AC/DC Solar Submersible Pumps

This solar-powered stainless steel impeller submersible pump is our highest-flow product designed to meet the needs of applications with high water demands. Its outstanding performance sets it apart in the market, with a wide power range from 5.5 kW to 22 kW and an impressive maximum flow rate ranging from 36 cubic meters per hour to an astounding 130 cubic meters per hour.

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4/6inch AC/DC Solar Submersible Pumps

This AC/DC solar submersible pump is an excellent water resource management tool, providing outstanding solutions for your agricultural irrigation and water supply needs. Built on its exceptional performance and reliability, this solar submersible pump will be a valuable assistant for your agricultural activities.

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4inch AC/DC Solar Submersible Pumps 3KW-4KW

The AC/DC 3KW-4KW high-power solar submersible pump offers excellent pumping performance, particularly excelling in long-distance water transport. This submersible pump integrates solar technology to ensure efficient energy utilization, providing a reliable water source solution for remote areas, agricultural irrigation, farms, outdoor landscapes, and various other applications.

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