Solar Water Pumping for Sustainable Water Supply

According to the World Bank, millions of people around the world are facing limited access to water. In many communities, groundwater is extracted using electric water pumps that rely on diesel for operation. However, these systems not only entail costly, regular servicing and the purchase of fuel but also release carbon dioxide, polluting the atmosphere.

Solar water pumping, also known as photovoltaic water pumping (PVP), offers a sustainable alternative for water supply. Extensive research and technological advancements have demonstrated its operational, financial, and environmental viability. Notably, the cost of solar technology has seen a significant reduction in recent years, with prices for the solar panels utilized in these systems decreasing by as much as 80%. Furthermore, these panels boast an impressive lifespan of approximately 25 years, demanding minimal maintenance during this extended period.

Our aim is to provide cleaner agricultural assistance tools to farmers on a large scale, specifically solar-powered water pumps, which require no additional energy costs during water extraction.

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