swimming pool pump
swimming pool pump

Solar Swimming Pool Pumps-HLP Series

Water pumps rank as the second-largest energy consumer in numerous households. A solar-powered pool pump offers a cost-effective solution, keeping your pool crystal clear without the burden of electricity bills.

The Harvest Solar Pool Pump utilizes a brushless DC motor known for its exceptional efficiency, quiet operation, and reliability. These solar pool pumps provide a zero-energy alternative to conventional variable-speed pool pumps, offering attractive returns on your investment.

DC and AC/DC Solar Swimming Pool Pumps

Solar Panles

Swimming Pool Pump

DC Controller

AC/DC auto-switching Controller

Wide Voltage HV Controller

Q: How to choose the right solar pool pump?
A: To keep the pool clean and clear, the water in the pool needs to be fully filtered at least once a day. First, you need to calculate the volume of the pool. Suppose the pump works 8 hours a day, then divide the pool volume by 8 to determine the hourly flow required by the pool pump. Select the appropriate swimming pool pump according to the required flow.


Q: What equipment is needed for a swimming pool?
A: Pool pumps, pool filters, pool heaters, pool lighting, sanitizers, cleaners, and other parts and accessories.


DC and AC/DC Solar Swimming Pool Parameters

DC Brushless Surface Swimming Pool Solar Pump-HLP-DC Series
ModelVoltageOptimum input voltage(DC)Input PowerMax FlowMax HeadOutlet SizePanels
HLP15-14-48-50048V60V-90V50015 m³/h14m2*2″350W*2
HLP20-19-72-90072V90V-120V90020 m³/h19m2*2″520W*2
HLP27-19-72-120072V90V-120V120027 m³/h19m3*3″500W*3
HLP27-19-110-1200110V110V-150V120027 m³/h19m3*3″500W*3
AC/DC & Wide Voltage Brushless Surface Swimming Pool Solar Pump-HLP-AC/DC Series
HLP20-19-72-900-A/D85V-280V80V-430V90020 m³/h19m2*2″520W*2
HLP27-19-72-1200-A/D85V-280V80V-430V120027 m³/h19m3*3″500W*3

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