Compact and Efficient! Small Solar Water Supply System Solves Rural Water Challenges

As energy demands rise and environmental awareness grows, solar water supply systems have emerged as an innovative solution to address the water scarcity issues in remote rural areas. Our smallest and most efficient solar water supply system offers a range of undeniable benefits to communities.

System Overview

This solar water supply system is labeled as 2HPC1.5-35-24-200, with key specifications including:

Pump Diameter: 2 inches
Power Output: 200 watts
Solar Panels: 270 watts × 1
Maximum Flow Rate: 1.5 cubic meters per hour
Daily Water Supply: 9 cubic meters
Annual Water Supply: 3204 cubic meters
Meeting Daily Water Needs

Considering an average daily water usage of 0.38 cubic meters per adult, this solar water supply system is capable of meeting the daily water requirements of 23 individuals. For those residing in remote rural areas, this system effectively addresses the challenges of unstable electrical supply and distant water sources, providing a timely solution to their urgent water needs.

Environmental Friendliness and Energy Efficiency

The environmental advantages of a solar water supply system are self-evident. By harnessing solar energy, it not only reduces electricity consumption but also mitigates greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the protection of our environment.

Reliability and Durability

This system has been meticulously designed for outstanding durability and reliability. Its robust structure can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring long-term and stable operation.

Addressing Rural Water Challenges

Most importantly, this compact and efficient solar water supply system offers a reliable water solution to remote rural communities. No longer reliant on unstable electrical grids or lengthy journeys to fetch water, residents can conveniently access the clean water they need.

In conclusion, this smallest solar water supply system not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also plays a vital role in environmental conservation and energy efficiency. It represents an innovative application of solar technology in meeting basic needs and serves as a model for addressing global water scarcity issues. With technology continually advancing, we have every reason to anticipate more similar innovative solutions that assist people in escaping water challenges and achieving sustainable development goals.

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