Desert Farming and Solar Water Project

Overview: In the arid regions of North Africa, water scarcity has threatened local farmers and communities. To address this, an NGO initiated a project using Harvest’s solar water pump technology. The aim: improve farm irrigation, provide clean water, and support sustainable agriculture and community development.

Background: Farmers struggled with limited water for crops, and communities lacked clean drinking water.


  • Harvest Solar Pumps: Installed efficient solar water pump systems capturing energy with Harvest’s panels, extracting groundwater for farms and communities.
  • Water Storage: Facilities for storing excess water from daytime irrigation to prepare for nighttime or cloudy weather.
  • Farmer Training: Empowering local farmers with effective irrigation techniques and crop choices for arid conditions.


  • Enhanced Irrigation: Increased crop yields and food security with more frequent irrigation.
  • Drinking Water: Clean water supply improved living conditions and health.
  • Environment: Reduced groundwater depletion, preserving local ecosystems.
  • Community: Improved infrastructure, job creation, and sustainable development.

This project, with sustainable resource management and renewable energy, offers hope and opportunities in arid regions.


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