What is a solar Surface Pump?

A solar surface pump is a system that uses solar energy to extract water from surface water sources. It typically includes solar panels, a controller, a water pump, and storage. Solar surface pumps are used for irrigation, and water supply, and are eco-friendly and cost-effective, as they don’t rely on grid power or fossil fuels. They come in various sizes and help reduce environmental impact while providing sustainable water management solutions.

Solar Surface Pump System working procedure

Solar Panels:

  • Convert sunlight into electricity to power the system.

Solar Inverter control system:

  • Manages and directs solar-generated electricity to the pump.

Solar Water Pump:

  • Uses stored energy to pump water from sources

Harvest DC Solar Surface Pump-HCPM6-24-48-550 

Solar panles:270W*3

Max.Suction Lift: 8m

Max.Head:24m Max.Flow:6m³/h

The irrigation area can reach 1,000 square meters.

Main application: Agricultural irrigation Livestock Drinking water.

DC Controller: Control pump operation, provide protection, and automate control to ensure system efficiency and stability.

Surface Pump: Mainly uses solar energy to pump water from rivers, lakes, and ponds.




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